Needl Analytics

Analytics as automated insights


Needl Analytics is a Virtual Web Analyst tool delivering instant automated analysis of your google analytics data.

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  • Jim Murray Jones
    Jim Murray JonesDigital Director, Newsquest

    Saves time and creates actionable recommendations based on the key issues impacting web site conversion rate.


    I haven't looked at mobile push notifications yet. I'm sure its there, but if not its something that would no doubt prove beneficial.

    I used Needl to help understand factors impacting conversion rate on a classified automotive platform. The insights directly helped shape keyword buying and content strategies. It's ability to home in on supply and demand attributes also helps inform the sales process - providing real time examples of user demand.

  • C Byrne
    C ByrneNo commodity fetishist

    quick insights


    not aware of any

    clever stuff

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    great features


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    Really like it

  • Rakesh Patel
    Rakesh PatelBusiness Analyst

    Good product for analytics and reduce funnel to keep track on target.


    Expand the range

    Good start