Comments on “Nebia Shower
Lachlan Campbell@lachlanjc · Code, apps, design, high school.
This looks absolutely awesome. I've wanted a smarter shower head for a while, especially one that is easy to "pause" while getting soap or something like that, without losing the temperature setting. Is that included in Nebia's design, @pwints28 @gparisiamon? Also,
Philip Winter@pwints28 · Co-Founder/CEO, Nebia
@lachlanjc Hahaha, I love this video! The pause feature is something that we are strongly considering for the final version. It's good to hear that it is requested.
Jay Meistrich@jmeistrich · Co-Founder,
@pwints28 @lachlanjc I love the pause feature of Japanese showers. The savings from not using water when you don't really need it are huge!