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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 26, 2019
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neatCal provides user friendly scheduling applications for everyone. You can manage your calendars, bookings, tasks & projects, contacts and email in one page.

By using our Smart Booking Widget you can build your own booking experience and embed it on any page in seconds.

  • Just S
    Just SOwner, Simple Lotus

    Beautiful design! More features than I expected. Really great potential. Complete productivity suite.


    Paid tier links yield "Internal Server Error". No way to upgrade from the free tier? No Android app. No O365 sync.

    I had to sign up with a secondary email because I never received a confirmation to my primary email nor any error message or warning, just failed to arrive. I couldn't get email module to work. I sent some test emails, they never went through. Could be user error. The email section of help doesn't have any tutorials yet. Sync only one Google account/calendar, which would be a deal-breaker for me (free tier issue??) I think this is going to be a very good app as it matures. For now, a few too many bugs for me to rate it positively or negatively. Just a bit of limbo.

    Just S has used this product for one day.
  • Jens Polomski
    Jens PolomskiOnline Marketing Geek from Germany

    Great way to organise your contacts and lists!


    Non so far

    Found 2 bugs during my test and they got fixed in minutes. Really looking forward into what will come! :)

    Jens Polomski has used this product for one week.
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Daniel Fein
Daniel Fein@daniel_fein
Just checked the demo out. Damn that's a nice interface... hope to see this used all over.
Yasin Dağlı
Yasin DağlıMaker@yasindagli · Web Application Developer
@daniel_fein Thank you Daniel, great to hear that.
Vard Mardoyan
Vard Mardoyan@vard_mardoyan · Manager
Mayur@restropages · Restaurant Online Presence
It's feature rich calendar application. But its lot of information to consume. I am not sure you have tutorials its required for this. I will suggest if you really want to show the scope of this calendar then, it should ask for connecting other calendar Outlook, Google which can give them instant picture, how it will look once they have events or appointments. One more suggestion it should start with month view after signup
Yasin Dağlı
Yasin DağlıMaker@yasindagli · Web Application Developer
@restropages Mayur thank you for your suggestions. We have Two-Way sync with Google Calendar and Trello (will be ready in a few days), One-Way sync with other calendar platforms. You can check our User Guide ( for tutorials and other resources. Also you can set Calendar application and Month view by default in Application Settings.
Gauthier le Meur
Gauthier le Meur@gauthier_le_meur
Wow. Love this! Would love to chat! Anywhere I can reach you?
Yasin Dağlı
Yasin DağlıMaker@yasindagli · Web Application Developer
@gauthier_le_meur Great to heat that Gauthier. I sent the information.
Mark Allen
Mark Allen@mark_allen2 · OOTP Baseball junkie
Once you get Outlook hooked I will take this for a spin