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User friendly scheduling applications


neatCal provides user friendly scheduling applications for everyone. You can manage your calendars, bookings, tasks & projects, contacts and email in one page.

By using our Smart Booking Widget you can build your own booking experience and embed it on any page in seconds.

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All the hopes within me

Its a very easy to use product. Intuitive and no need to a tutorial


Easy to use and intuitive


None so far

Online Marketing Geek from Germany

Found 2 bugs during my test and they got fixed in minutes. Really looking forward into what will come! :)


Great way to organise your contacts and lists!


Non so far

Owner, Simple Lotus

I had to sign up with a secondary email because I never received a confirmation to my primary email nor any error message or warning, just failed to arrive. I couldn't get email module to work. I sent some test emails, they never went through. Could be user error. The email section of help doesn't have any tutorials yet. Sync only one Google account/calendar, which would be a deal-breaker for me (free tier issue??) I think this is going to be a very good app as it matures. For now, a few too many bugs for me to rate it positively or negatively. Just a bit of limbo.


Beautiful design! More features than I expected. Really great potential. Complete productivity suite.


Paid tier links yield "Internal Server Error". No way to upgrade from the free tier? No Android app. No O365 sync.

Web Application Developer
Thank you for your review Just. We will add email docs soon about how to add your different accounts in one page. Sometimes you may need to configure additional options for other providers (Gmaili iCloud, Yahoo, etc.). You can sync your all neatCal calendars to Google Calendars. Please just click Add Calendar button and match your neatCal calendar to your Google Calendar. We are updating our payment processor and currently all plans have unlimited features. When we update our payment processor you can start your package and continue. Please feel free to use all features now. We are aware of some bugs and working on them. Our developer resources are limited for now and we plan to release HTML5 Mobile App (not Android and iOS). Our current main goal is to provide a beautiful and functional calendar, customizable booking pages and easy event publishing for everyone with affordable prices.