Airbnb for storage: an online marketplace for unused space.

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seems like a very interesting concept
Feel like trust would be a huge hurdle unless you were finding space among people within degrees of your own network
@MrAkshayPatel : could a feedback system not be incorporated? we do let strangers rent our houses after all (airbnb)
@_jacksmith Agree that you can put the now expected social feedback and ratings systems to give people better piece of mind. But, the difference in use case and duration come into play. As a person using space I'm responsible for remembering what I store, how I package, and secure. Most common will be boxes/tape or items to big to pack. Need a reliable way to track this. Someone could easily take a couple of items out of a box and I probably wouldn't notice especially if it's been sitting somewhere for awhile. So would nearbox insure somehow? I think the opportunity for a person with space is great. But they would need protections against alleged theft. I'd love to see this work. I have a ton of extra stuff lying around.
What happens when the person moves? Do they need to return the packages to the original owner or do they bring it with them? Are the items insured? How do you request your items back?