Near Lock 4.0

The best Mac lock/unlock app with impressive new features

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Anton Korteweg jr.
Simon Sæthren
  • Anton Korteweg jr.
    Anton Korteweg jr.Product Manager

    The idea is simple and good


    There is a lot of connectivity problems. The app does not connect to my MacBook. This makes the app useless

    A year ago the app worked like a charm. Since a few months it is hard to connect my iPhone to my MacBook. Unfortunately the developer does not reply to support emails.

    Now I use Unlox and I dont experience connectivity issues

    Anton Korteweg jr. has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Unlocks you mac when you get close to it with your phone


    pro version (for background unlocks) costs 3.9gbp

    This is the best app Ive tried in a while. It is truly amazing. I tried it once before i bought the pro version without hesitation. I have my iphone in my pocket while im listening to music and browsing the internet on my mac. I stand up and walk away and it automatically locks my mac and pauses the music. As soon as I sit back down again the mac is unlocked and music resumes playing. Amazing, truly amazing.

    For some reason the mac app was in Portugese and not English when I opened it, but it fixed it self when i connected to my iphone.

    10/10 would recommend!

    Simon Sæthren has used this product for one day.