Simon Sæthren
Simon Sæthren reviewedNear Lock 4.0The best Mac lock/unlock app with impressive new features

Unlocks you mac when you get close to it with your phone


pro version (for background unlocks) costs 3.9gbp

This is the best app Ive tried in a while. It is truly amazing. I tried it once before i bought the pro version without hesitation. I have my iphone in my pocket while im listening to music and browsing the internet on my mac. I stand up and walk away and it automatically locks my mac and pauses the music. As soon as I sit back down again the mac is unlocked and music resumes playing. Amazing, truly amazing.

For some reason the mac app was in Portugese and not English when I opened it, but it fixed it self when i connected to my iphone.

10/10 would recommend!

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