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A great new Navily 2.0 ! What a significant update with mooring fields, anchor spots and the amazing feature to book a berth directly from the app. Hope that many new harbors will onboard the new "Navily pro" SaaS booking platform that you guys created. Very good job !
@dupontalexis Thanks Alexis :)
Here is a quick Bio on Navily: --- Navily is like TripAdvisor and Booking, but for boats --- NavilyApp was launched about a year ago as a new way to share anchoring spots. We quickly grew to 5000 users and now we have almost 2000 anchoring spots in the world with photos, comments and essential information such as wind protection, type of seabed and depth. We just launched the V2, with a brand new interface and an awesome functionnality: we're the first App to allow you to reserve a boat slip for the night in a harbor. We're working closely with harbors who have a dedicated interface to manage their profile in real time as well as booking requests. App available in ENG, FR, SPA, ITA on iOS now and on Android in July.
Very well done guys. The app is slick! I'll definitely be using this after I finish the 3 courses it takes to get my boating license. I just haven't gotten around to it yet... 🚣
@gozmike Thanks Mike :D ... Navily is perfect for new users cause the information displayed is very simple to read (or so we think) I'm glad you like it !