Natural Text

Encrypt your messages into natural text 🗣️

Natural Text is an encryption app which with a new algorithm converts the encrypted text to natural text. So, it would be very hard for the adversary to understand that the message is encrypted. Th app is available for many languages including English, Spanish and Chinese.



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Abadesi@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
Thanks for hunting @hchizari please tell us more about the story behind "Natural Text". I know privacy / cyber security is a fast growing field in tech, would love to hear more about the work that went into this idea.
hassan chizari
hassan chizariMaker@hchizari · Lecturer, University of Gloucestershire
@abadesi Hi. Great to hear you liked the idea. The work is close to the concept of AES encryption with cipher blocks where blocks are words. It has a conversion method to encrypt to words rather than bytes. In this sense, current encryption finder algorithms are not able to find that the message is encrypted at all. The second aspect of this encryption method is that the adversary never knows that he's decryption of the message is correct or not as decryption with any key with lead to another text as well. I hope this answers your question.