Natural Cycle

FDA approved digital contraception with 98% effectiveness


Natural Cycles is the first app to be certified for contraception in Europe. The app predicts the days on which a woman is fertile and may be used for planning pregnancy and contraception. It was developed by CERN scientist Dr. Elina Berglund, who founded the company with her husband, Dr. Raoul Scherwitzl.

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Infamous app with dubious reputation.




There was a scandal with this app, so I wouldn't recommend it to ANYONE


These are genuinely dangerous products to be promoting. The product hunt description (98% effective) doesn't even align with what is on the website (93%). These sorts of interventions are heavily heavily prone to error, and should not be considered as a replacement from more understood and reliable forms of contraception.




False confidence, dangerous habits.

Kym Ellis

I used this for a few months and it did not work well for me. I bought a subscription based on the promise of reliable, hormone-free contraception and discovered that it’s not a suitable method for most modern women. Unless you sleep the same amount of hours at the same time every day, rarely get sick or hungover, don’t travel much, have undisturbed sleep AND remember to take your temperature every single morning before you move an inch, I wouldn’t reccomend using this method of birth control.

I discovered that my temperature fluctuates a lot so I ended up with around 3 green days a month because the app just couldn’t get to know me. I know women who got pregnant using this app, and whether it was user error or not, it’s a big risk to take.

As much as I want to say it’s a hormone-free, pain-free solution to birth control (which would be amazing), I think it’s got some major flaws. It is pretty good as a premium tracker though, and I think it can be really useful for trying to get pregnant too.


Good for tracking ovulation and menstruation and getting to know your body and cycles better


Not effective or reliable as contraception & is expensive (there are other menstruation tracking products out there)

THEIVES! I purchased a year ago and realised after a day that I no longer need the subscription so tried to cancel within the 30 day window but they wouldn't give me a refund. I asked their customer service operator to cancel my account and this year have just now been billed another £39.99 with the auto-renew. I deleted the app and have never touched it since purchasing and there was no email reminding me to cancel 24h before (as mentioned on their website anyway!) (despite me asking customer service to cancel it for me on purchase). And so I have now had £80 non-refundable practically stolen from me. Terrible customer service and do not recommend.