Narrative Clip 2

A wearable camera that captures moments of your life

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 04, 2015
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To get a discount on Narrative Clip 2, use this link: (scroll down one screen and click where it says "Your karma")
Next generation of Narrative Clip just released on their blog. Exciting Swedish startup. Hope to hear from Martin what the future will bring. Also heard they raised 8 MUSD earlier this year with True Ventures + Passion + Khosla + Creandum.
I always wondered about privacy with the first Clip. I spotted people wearing it in London couple of times, knew what it was but was left thinking "I've just met this guy at a networking event, now gonna be on his thing.." Do we people ask these kinds of things? What are your thoughts?
@antongu much more concerned about all the private and less obvious organizations recording me in public than an individual I met.
@radiofreejohn @antongu Reminds me of the Circle by Dave Eggers. The problem is that while less obvious, the scale of recording devices that private or public organizations can employ pales in comparison to the public. Just imagine if everyone who plays Pokémon Go had one of these.
FYI, they just announced that the Narrative 2 will now include VIDEO as well as pictures. That's huge.
Thanks for posting, Jens! All Product Hunters, let us know if you have any questions!