Visual search made by groups.

Nanolens is a visual search app made by groups. Use Nanolens to detect celebrities, friends, places, text, and explore search results made by communities for your favorite photos or videos.
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Hi Product Hunt! I'm very excited to share with everyone in the PH community about the launch of Nanolens — an image search app that's powered by communities. What's unique about Nanolens is that it sits somewhere between image-search and social networking. Use Nanolens to: Detect Objects ■ Detect friends in a photo or video with Face Match. ■ Detect celebrities. ■ Search for similar objects on the web. ■ Discover relevant places such as restaurants or businesses nearby. Extract Text ■ Add events to calendar if dates were detected. ■ Call phone numbers if they were detected. ■ Open Apple/Google Maps if addresses were detected. ■ Open links if URLs were detected. Create Results & Explore Communities ■ Create a Nanopage about any topic you care about. ■ Send photos, videos, messages, links, and more. ■ Pin your posts for others to see. ■ Engage with claps, replies, or views for a post in a page. * Shake the app from the camera to send us feedback! Feel free to email me via for questions, concerns, or feedback.
It feels great to use image search in such a simple way
How Do u Make Awesome Screenshot...
@sagar_shende1 I used Sketch! Got some inspiration from other apps out there :)
Really great use of feature NLC! Love the UI too 🙌
Nice work @joshua_m_choi also a huge fan of camera + AI related things. I really like the idea but don't think i would use it. Strange to feel both emotions at the same time. So i am wring you a comment instead!
@sab8a Thanks for the feedback! What I learned so far is that you can't make something that's going to satisfy everyone. Nanolens is invite only is because we're trying to figure a few things out. But, if you do end up changing your mind and think you would use it, please shoot me an email