Get useful results from your photos or videos, or make your own results. Use Nanolens to detect objects, recognize celebrities, extract/interact with text (of email screenshots), get restaurants nearby serving food found in a photo, and more!
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Helloooo Product Hunt! My name is Josh, a 21 year-old rising senior at Fordham University. Since entering college, I knew I wanted to make cool products — particularly apps that used computer vision technologies. Each year, I had the fortunate privilege to build something of this nature (previously I built Capsule: Now, I’m excited to share Nanolens, image-search powered by humans. Use Nanolens to detect celebrities, extract text from a photo, find nearby restaurants that serve a particular food found in a photo, and tons more. The best part about all of this is that you can make your own image-search results by creating a Nanopage. For a limited time only, use invite code PROCAT to sign up! I would love your feedback for this app so please don’t hesitate to email me at or with questions, concerns, or feature requests. Thanks, Josh
For some reason, Product Hunt won't allow us to add a YouTube video after it's submitted so here it is:
It feels great to use image search in such a simple way
How Do u Make Awesome Screenshot...
@sagar_shende1 I used Sketch! Got some inspiration from other apps out there :)
Really great use of feature NLC! Love the UI too 🙌
Nice work @joshua_m_choi also a huge fan of camera + AI related things. I really like the idea but don't think i would use it. Strange to feel both emotions at the same time. So i am wring you a comment instead!
@sab8a Thanks for the feedback! What I learned so far is that you can't make something that's going to satisfy everyone. Nanolens is invite only is because we're trying to figure a few things out. But, if you do end up changing your mind and think you would use it, please shoot me an email