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It tooks me a few minutes to understand the licencing scheme, so if anyone else wonders : yes, the standard licence (lowest price) allows to use pictures on websites. This is an excerpt of the standard licence content :
It's not a new service but still one of my favorites when I need to add beautiful photos to a design. It even has an art section with digital art pieces you can buy. Also:
This is neat but with all the free stock photo places out there I don't see myself using this. In fact, I use the tool that was created by fellow Product Hunter @Saijo_George http://allthefreestock.com/ :)
@irvingtorresyc I am glad you like it. Nanamee looks beautiful.
One of my favorite photos stock library, and also one my profiles: https://www.nanamee.com/adi-gold... :)
I think Stocksy has a much better selection in terms of both variety and quality. But I will certainly give this a try the next time I'm looking for a stock photo.