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#3 Product of the WeekNovember 20, 2014

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Slightly more useful than Hipster Business Name generator.
@rrhoover nice to meet you in Tokyo on Wednesday Ryan what alternatives did you toss around when deciding on Product Hunt?
Some alternative names for ProductHunt include:,, and if these don't suffice there is always luckily was available
@acondurache The replace function obviously works less well for more complicated words. I mean, how many possibilities is there to turn "producthunt" to a intelligent name by simply replacing the vowels or consonants at a time? Naturally, not all suggestions will make sense. And I didn't intend to make it so at first. Its purpose is to give you ideas. If there's even one word that lights up your thoughts in a way where you can say, "Hey, I can really make something out of this", then I believe it has fulfilled its function quite well, at least as far as I am concerned. I attempted to check availability for, and it came out unavailable. I can't say what happened in your instance, but I will look into any possible bugs with the nameserver/whois check. Thanks for feedback!
@kasperiapell I think its a useful tool, just had some fun with it
I find Panabee to be very helpful for this.
@dbounds NameMesh is pretty good too, decent spread of functional-to-creative options, and gives real-time availability that's generally accurate: also domainr:
Nice project. I've always thought about making this whenever I wanna name a project. @kasperiapell, have you considered adding in synonyms to the mix? Sometimes I want a cool word that means something in particular, even in different languages. Would be also cool to check twitter name availability in addition to domain!
@e7mac Thanks so much Mayank! Both are definitely on the next features list. Synonyms are especially interesting, since they bring more depth to the naming and thesaurus has been a loyal companion always upon brainstorming names.
@kasperiapell Awesome! Looking forward to using this regularly :)
A little something that might help spark some ideas for you. If you're anything like me, naming products/projects is a hours-long process where you draw together every related word and phrase you can possibly think of that might adequately describe or relate the purpose of your project and then try to see if it is possible to string them together or somehow transform it all to a good name. This hopefully makes it all a tiny bit more straightforward. @rrhoover Except if one is about to start a fashion startup, haha. Then I'd definitely use I'm definitely a fan!