Find a name for your product or company in milliseconds


NameQL helps you find a great name. It considers thousands of potential names in milliseconds and shows you the best, and only the ones where [name].com is available.

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Jeffrey Bunn
Felipe Rohde
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  • Mark Stewart
    Mark StewartOwner, MCS Media Partners

    Nice clean interface


    Maybe the ability to search for TLDs other than .com but that's not really a big deal

    There's so many different sites that does something similar but I like this one because it does have a clean and minimal interface. I like having multiple options when it comes to finding domain names.

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  • Caleb Del Begio
    Caleb Del BegioProduct & Co-founder at

    Names that are actually usable!!! Instant results


    Support for TLDs other than .com haven't arrived yet (coming soon!)

    The best name/domain generator I've come across. Looking forward to the advanced filters and additional TLD support.

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  • Kseniia Goldovska
    Kseniia GoldovskaCEO, co-founder of

    It works!


    don't see for now

    I found a best domain name for my product, thanks a lot!

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  • Aaron Kazah
    Aaron KazahSoftware Developer and Anime Enthusiast.

    Actually gets you good names.


    Nothing so far

    I just got a perfect domain name!

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  • Tessema Tesfachew
    Tessema TesfachewProduct Director at CatchApp

    Quick and easy approach to finding a suitable and free domain name.


    Only considers .coms and couldn't use a hyphen in the search.

    A great idea. I think anyone launching a website or starting a company has been through this pain before.

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  • Pros: 

    Really helps with ideation!


    Could you please consider including numbers as the part of the name?

    I like the idea very much, thought would love having there more controls: other TLDs, numbers and hythens in names.

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  • Jay Singh
    Jay SinghEntrepreneur & Growth Strategy

    Amazing Creative Tool! Makes easy to identify the name for your business! Exploring more!


    There could have been an option to select if the word we have shortlisted should be prefix before we search!

    There are many sites but this much more organized and focused! Good work @mitch_crowe!

    Jay Singh has used this product for one day.
  • Tile

    Nice interface, easy to use.


    Doesn't easily take into account creative web suffixes

    Tried it out. I think it's an easy tool to help you think through your process.

    Tile has never used this product.