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#5 Product of the WeekMarch 28, 2018

Namelix generates business names using artificial intelligence. Most products that do this combine multiple dictionary words, which tends to make long, un-google-friendly names.

Namelix generates short, brandable names that are related to your business domain.

  • Andre Goersch
    Andre GoerschDirector of Human Experience

    Easy to use, great visual delivery, results are above average for similar tools


    A little slow, only searches one extension at a time, not all extensions are displayed in the results

    This is definitely one of the best name generator tools I have used. I am always concerned about using similar tools after having domain ideas automatically stolen before, but I'm willing to give it a go for my next projects.

    I would recommend streaming the results little by little to improve loading.

    Andre Goersch has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Gave some pretty decent results. Liked the overall look and feel.


    The experience could be better. Also, it's a little slow.

    The tool is pretty good but sometimes the messages are quite unexpected. I entered 'message' as keyword and got tremendous results on vmessed mess and so on.

    Kaushik Thirthappa has used this product for one day.
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Jack Qiao
Jack QiaoMaker@jak_9994 · free agent
hi guys there have been other RNN-based business name generators: eg. but the names they generate are kind of random. I built this tool to generate names that are related to your business idea. the results are still pretty random, but sometimes you get a really cool one. My favorite keywords are "sexy, canadian" and "fun, weed" if you want really short, abstract names I recommend checking "shorter names", and unchecking "domain available"
Alyssa X
Alyssa X@alyssaxuu · Entrepreneur, designer & Noon founder 💃🏻
@jak_9994 Nice product :) A shame it takes so long though ^^
André@andre_daste · UX/UI Enthusiast | in ❤️ w/ innovation
First name generator that is legit, but wow, the loading process is loooonng !
Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca Garcia@geekgirlweb · GeekGirlWeb
@andre_daste Agreed, would prefer to show only 10 results if it meant that the page would load faster then I had to click to see more.
Justin Mitchell
Justin MitchellPro@itsthisjustin · I help startups at
Why the random colors for backgrounds? Makes it impossible to read the text on some of the results. Bad UX.
Jack Qiao
Jack QiaoMaker@jak_9994 · free agent
@itsthisjustin it gives it some flavor I guess : ] each name is rendered as a logo from my logo maker site. The colors are randomly generated from a list, I'm removing the illegible ones as I find them.
Andre Goersch
Andre Goersch@divinoag · Director of Human Experience
@jak_9994 I'd recommend using HSL color values instead of hex RGB, and making sure there is at least a 50% gap in the Lightness channel between the background and foreground colors. That should help prevent legibility issues.
Rhys Adams
Rhys Adams@rhysbeingsocial · Just another full stack programmer ;)
Hey, can you explain how AI is used in this a little more please? Thanks
Jack Qiao
Jack QiaoMaker@jak_9994 · free agent
@rhysbeingsocial yeah sure - first it passes your input keywords through fasttext - we get a random sampling of the top 100 or so words most related to your input keywords - the top words are used as the dictionary input to a markov chain word generator, which generates 10~15000 random words - the results are passed again through fasttext, we take the cosine distance of the resulting word to your input keywords (by using the out-of-vocab feature of fasttext) - the top 100 most relevant results are returned I had previously tried an encoder-decoder model with fasttext as the encoder and an RNN as the decoder, but it didn't work well so I ended up with this approach.
Mick@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
@rhysbeingsocial @jak_9994 that just sounds like an algorithm. Not AI.
Jack Qiao
Jack QiaoMaker@jak_9994 · free agent
@rhysbeingsocial @mickc79 AI is just algorithms.. word vectors, neural nets and earlier NLP research all qualify as AI imo
Mick@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
@rhysbeingsocial @jak_9994 well I could implement what you just described. It’s simply a step by step process that’s repeated every time. Not an AI. However in a world where “AI” is thrown into almost every description of every new product, I don’t blame you.
Julien Le Coupanec
Julien Le Coupanec@lecoupa · Building cool stuff at Crisp
It does not load on my side (I'm in LA). The circular loader keeps loading. Are you having the same issue?
Jack Qiao
Jack QiaoMaker@jak_9994 · free agent
@lecoupa sorry, server under heavy load.. spinning up more nodes. Should be better in a few minutes
Evert@3v3rt · PhD, Neuropsychologist, TQ Member
@jak_9994 Thanks for building it. Any change you can reduce CPU load? The minute results are being loaded my fan kicks in because CPU load is very high.