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Naker.back is a simple WYSIWYG editor to create interactive backgrounds and gradients. Create your own in a few clicks (or choose from templates), embed it simply to your website or app to make it stand out! Optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop. 
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Bonjour Product Hunt! 🔥 First thing first, thanks a lot to @bramk for hunting Naker.back! Everybody loves free things, and everybody wants to stand out from all the other websites. That’s why we created a simple and free tool to create interactive backgrounds and embed to any website / Div super easily! 👩‍🏫What is an interactive background? Backgrounds were first only about colors, gradients and images. Then came the craze of video backgrounds to bring animation to a website, but they are sometimes quite heavy to load. An interactive background is composed of a gradient and particles (yours, or ours!) that will follow your visitor mouse or phone orientation in a 3D space. It’s easy to create, simple to embed and super optimized to work seamlessly every time and everywhere. And it’s completely free! 🔮Who are we? We are Naker, editor of a platform used by a growing community to make the web cool again! Using powerful technologies such as WebGL and BabylonJS, we build tools to add life, immersion and interactivity to any website without a single line of coding. Create 3D experiences and stand out from the infobesity of the web to engage your visitors like never before and boost your conversion rate.!
After trying different combinations of backgrounds, I finaly chose one with small rounded lights. It then took me 2 minutes to upload the background on my portfolio website. Particle.js was nice, but maybe overused. You may check the result here >>
@naile_titah Thanks a lot! Your website looks great indeed!
@naile_titah very nice website. Are you available for some works ?
@remifcs Yup. You can PM me from my website directly.
We've embed our website with a Naver.back interactive background : As a non-developer and a non-designer, It was really easy to edit, personalize and integrate. And our customers love it. 😍
@vincent_dion Amazing! Looks super great!! Thanks for the feedback
Thanks to Naker.Back, Lokki landing page is shining 🌟 Easy to implement, even for Single Page Applications created with React.JS The background is neat and simple 💎 Check this out 👉
@benoitprigent Amazing landing page for an mazing product! Merci Benoit!
We used the NakerBack tool on our own website it was impressive !! The interface is really easy to use and the results are just amazing ! It drove so much more people into our website that we decided to use the tool for our clients, WOW effect guaranteed ! You can check the result on our website right here -->
@leopoldine_koechlin Thanks Leopoldine! Super happy to have you and your agency from the first beta users and many others will come!