NAK Tab Manager

Manage and organize your tabs easily

NAK is a lightweight chrome extension and Web App that allow users or organize and share tabs with others. They can keep personal collections or add people to teams to share together.
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We wanted to fix the problem people accepted every day of losing resources or being unproductive because of how disorganized a workspace can become. We hope NAK helps!
So how does this work? Do you keep the tabs open in Chrome, or do you close them and this keeps track of them separately and makes it easy to reopen them?
@leeharthartford It keeps track of them separately on our website so you can manage your tabs from any computer. You add a tab to a collection on your personal page. Then whenever you visit the site you will see all the links you have saved to each personal collection. You can click just one link to open it in your browser OR open all the links in the collection together with the Open All button if that's what you prefer!