Send money globally without middlemen and fees in a few taps

Nabla is a mobile app that provides a secure way to keep and send money using a public blockchain. You can make transfers across the borders instantly and free to anyone by account name on popular social media such as Twitter or Reddit.
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12 Reviews5.0/5
Hi, guys! I’m Nik, founder and CEO of Braincrumbs, a team of web and mobile developers. We want to introduce you Nabla, a digital wallet for a new global economy. In today’s world, we can easily communicate with our friends or family using the Internet. Wherever we are, we can call them or write a message in a few seconds. But what if we need not only to communicate but also to provide more support? This is what we are developing Nabla for. What Nabla does Nabla lets you send money to anyone over the world fast and easy like a message. - No bank account is required. - No fees, so be free to send even few cents. - No KYC, if you don't want to deposit or withdraw to a bank account or by a credit card. - Send and receive money everywhere in the world, if you are connected to the Internet. - Send money by a user name on popular social media, even to people, who haven’t Nabla account yet: they will get the money when join. - Store your money safe: only you have access to your account, and no one can lock your money. How Nabla works Nabla uses a decentralized public blockchain called Snax: it was launched a few months ago and has DPoS consensus. - Nabla uses account system of Snax blockchain. - Nabla uses Social Transactions mechanism of Snax blockchain. - To provide stability of value Nabla will issue a stablecoin on Snax blockchain: a special token, which is fully backed by USD in a one-to-one ratio. All reserved funds of USD will be held in trust, registered in the USA. Progress of development The public version of Nabla is already available in Google Play. Also you can request for a beta version of Nabla for iOS. For now, you can try it out with sending of the native tokens of Snax blockchain. Short term plan What we are going to do in 2019: - Raise investments through an equity crowdfunding. - Develop and launch a stablecoin, backed by USD. - Improve usability of account creation and restore. Mid-term plan What we are going to do in 2020: - Add ability for immediate payments with QR-codes. - Develop a secure protocol for online payments using encrypted push notifications. - Issue stablecoins, backed by different currencies (EUR, GBP, etc.). - Help Snax community to integrate more social platforms (there are only Twitter and Steem right now). We will be glad to get any feedback from Product Hunt community!
A very easy and simple wallet to use. Now it has been much faster to send and receive Snax. Congratulations to the team!
@jammerson I'm glad you liked Nabla, thanks for your comment.
This is the excellent product i have seen so far. Its very simple and easy to recieve and send dgital money.
Very easy and intuitive SNAX wallet. Recommend!
@svemirac7 Since this is a beta version, only sending SNAX is currently supported. But we plan to evolve the application, integrate a stable coin and we are thinking about issuing of Nabla virtual payment card. We want Nabla to become a personal safebox in your smartphone, powered by a decentralized blockchain. Therefore, it is something more than just wallet for SNAX.
Perfect app for send and receive Snax,thanks for nabla team
@jodi_pm Thank you for your feedback.
@stepanovsds i hope more crypto on nabla 👍