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The Mobile Bank


N26 is Europe’s first completely mobile bank, trusted by more than 1.000.000 customers. N26 gives you complete control of your financial life on your phone.

Download the N26 app and open an account in less than 8 minutes.

Get a free Mastercard, activate Google Pay or Apple Pay, and enjoy personal banking features and fintech products

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CEO and co-founder of Productz

The worst customer service in history. Don't be lured by how easy is to set up an account - the rest is a nightmare. If something doesn't work (and that happens very often) you are left alone for who knows how long. AVOID


It's fast to start an account.


Very often something is not working and the customer service is the worst. AVOID!

service designer - Factory Berlin

Still don't understand why i can't create multiple buckets and why I can embed apps like rounding up saving accounts.


Super quick setup, great design, intuitive.


the support - is ... missing

Edit and open the best moments together.

I want the people who made this app, to make everything I have to interface with in my life. Its really that good and quiet about it. Just download and live happy ever after.


That cool looking bank card.

Do it online and be happy.


Logging in is usually a long painful process but I guess its money matters eh?

Co-Founder @ Ad World Masters

Overall I am happy. I find the service reliable, affordable when I am making purchase in other currencies. In my opinion it is a good solution for a certain category of people, which I fall into...


Fast, affordable, truly mobile


not every product/ plan is available in every country

I am a creative director.
BUYER BEWARE! GARBAGE! Embarrassing having it decline when they don’t tell you you can’t run it like a normal card. You cannot run this card like other debit cards (as pin-less transactions at restaurants). I had this card decline at a big client dinner and it negatively impacted my reputation. They do not state anywhere obvious about the lack of functionality compared to other banks. I will be switching back to PNC due to their poor customer support and lack of clear declaration of limitations. Mind you, their customer service response she was “we will pass that feedback to our tech team.” What horrid customer service and failure to release a product that is more than just an alpha release. It’s like a land mine, you never know when it’s going to go off and not be accepted. Also the debit card is not accepted by Venmo, Cash App, PayPal............
Just Mike ant
15$ PROMO CODE - Opening an account was super fast .Within ten minutes I was done ,which surprised me . I mean TEN MINUTES to create a bank account . Meanwhile ,going to a local bank would require at least an hour of just waiting in line! Overall n26 and revolut are the greatest apps for banking. I really hope my experience remains that way . Guys you can also use this promo code konstank2158 for 15$ ,and thank you
N26 is not secure, they allow you to steal your money days after you have authorized a transaction. Never keep money on the N26, you can wake up one day and not be there anymore. I bought a ticket on 01/20, traveled on 01/27, on 01/30 I was charged, complained, and they stopped responding to me, saying that a charge is normal 10 days later.