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BD Director at n.exchange
Hello everyone, We have launched n.exchange v2.0 (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) - A new friendly UI thats easy to work with. - Improvements in the customer flow. - New order track system. - Mandatory registration to better comply with increasing compliance. - Mobile app coming soon.

Extremely dodgy site. Owner is a scammer. AVOID!

Oleg, the owner, needs to be reported to police.

Site appears legitimate with phone number etc, but it is fake.

Google for other reviews. I lost my money, learn from my mistakes.




Beware! SCAM! This site is NOT legitimate and will steal your money

I make code
throwaway account FTW. WTF are you talking about.

My order stuck already for 1 month! Just trash talk in return!!!!





Im the way i want the world to be

Stay away they will just take from you google it there's hundreds of people saying the same thing they did in fact rip me off for two separate transactions may 9 2019 for 68.00 and may 19 2019 for 112.00 both time my visa was charge and i was told it would be resolved asap to never hear from them its BAD Business period


Nothing any longer


They are crooks they charge people credit cards and dont send the CRYPTO coins and there business licsense its been dissolved

Awful exchange !!!!! have not been able to return funds on eth request for a whole day. First, the address was confused and sent to the wrong place, then they set a low commission and they say wait. Moreover, the translation was made on July 14th. This is nonsense. The exchanger is the worst of the worst. I do not know when I will see a refund of my funds, but I recommend - bypass such a service. They also have the audacity to write that the ETH network is overloaded !! Although it is free and the average transaction time is 20 seconds. They indicated too small a commission and now it will not be known how much, although it will most likely need to be sent again. And they cannot be explained - the incompetence of the highest category.