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MyWayy is a habit building & time management mobile application that makes breaking bad habits easy & building new ones fun by involving friends & followers. Try out new celebrity routines or challenge a friend; whatever the habit, find your wayy at
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Hi Hunters! Building or maintaining new habits has always been a struggle for me. Whether it's New Years Resolutions or goal-based habits (like losing weight), I always seemed to revert back to my old, ingrained habits... Until i learned more about the scientific approach to behavior change (implementation intentions, theory of planned behavior, social cognitive theory, Fogg behavior model, self-determination theory, and reward shaping in reinforcement learning) and created a process for myself that ended up working! So i figured, why not take the process that was developed by leading scientists and make an app that would make it easier for everyone to implement? Introducing MyWayy, the app that turns habit creation into a team sport and empowers users to adopt more of a growth mindset when approaching behavior change. So a year in the making and here we are! Currently we're in private beta but adding more testers everyday, so if you're interested to see how mywayy can help you build or maintain better life-long habits sign up to beta test at! Thanks for your interest and encouraging my behavior! I truly hope we can realize our best-selfs and find new wayys of life together :) (upvotes would be immensely appreciated πŸ™ŒπŸ»)
Nice work Brennan!
Thanks @tikhbana 🍻