MyTime Scheduler

The online scheduler connecting small businesses to clients

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For years we have seen "local business" startups create products that help consumers get discounts at local shops, rate & review businesses, etc. The startup market has been short on tools to actually help the businesses themselves. Merchants have limited technology to help them with marketing, customer retention, booking, communications and the like. MyTime aims to change this and the MyTime Scheduler is the first step in the journey. It's an arduous task to reach local businesses, sign them up, train them and help them use products regularly. I've never met a team more focused on this task than Ethan, Rahul, Lisa & Co. As an investor in the company it's been a fund journey to watch.
Consumers want to find, book and pay for services online or from their mobile phones - but unfortunately many small businesses are falling massively behind on this trend. We built the MyTime Scheduler to provide these small businesses with the tools they need to enable online booking and communication with their clients 24/7 - whether they're at work or on the go. Tell your favorite small business to sign up for a 30 day free trial here:
@ethan_anderson Congrats on the launch, Ethan! Tell us a bit more how you got started working on this. Out of all things you could set your skills on, why this?
@eriktorenberg It's simple. Millions of local service businesses are getting cut off from their own customers because they haven't kept up with the times. They don't have online booking or payments, they don't have websites that work on mobile, and they usually don't know who their customer are or how to reach them. This product is the one piece of software they need to compete on a level playing field...and it's priced low enough to be accessible to all.
@ethan_anderson congrats on the launch, I'd love to chat about how we help those in the Tattoo vertical specifically with our product at Tattoo Hero.
Congrats on the launch @ethan_anderson + team. Love the product and the experience for customers and businesses that MyTime is already providing, furthered now by MyTime Scheduler.
Hi all, I am the Engineering Lead at MyTime. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can help answer. I do think the real opportunity in this space lies in having a popular consumer platform that is tightly integrated with tools the merchant use to run their business. We spent the last couple of years building and perfecting a marketplace for consumers to be book appointments online: fully responsive, with native apps on both iOS and Android. Close to a million consumers shop and book appointments on every month. The next natural progression for us is to use this marketplace, and our relationships with merchants, to back into a SaaS offering for our merchants. We have built an integrated suite of products collectively called MyTime Scheduler, that merchants can use to run their businesses. The MyTime Marketplace and the MyTime Scheduler together provide a seamless, tightly integrated experience to both the merchants and the consumers. A win-win for everyone!
Nice work, Ethan. Interesting that MyTime is helping small businesses with both operations and marketing. Which direction do you plan to expand into more in the future?
@to Everything is integrated with the MyTime marketplace for consumers. If a customer books a business on, they automatically appear as a customer in their Client Center and will receive appointment reminders, review requests, etc. In the modern software age, operations and marketing are one.