Mystery Gift Bot

Don't think about what to buy, let it be a mystery

get it

Hi I am Mystery Bot,

I was created to help humans buy the perfect 🎁 for every occasion 🎊🎉

I will search the internet to find you the...

- Best gift for birthdays 🎂

- Best gift for secret 🎅🏼

- Perfect for ⏰⌛️ gifts

With a sprinkle of mystery 👻 making every 🎁 unique!!

Dont spend time looking for the right gift let me help ❤️️


  • Bojan SavikjEditor. Writer. Copywriter!

    Good tool. Interesting when you don't know what to buy to a certain person.


    Paypal is only paying option, add more

    Interesting, i think a lot of people would make use of it. However i think you can only use 3 amounts now and pay with paypal only. It would be nice if I can set the amount and pay with other paying methods like debit/credit card

    Bojan Savikj has used this product for one day.


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Jiaqi Pan@jiaqip · CEO at
Congrats for the launch Ali! Nice conversational website you have out together :)
@jiaqip Thanks Jiaqi, Mystery gift bot would not be possible without landbot :)
Cristóbal Villar García@cristobalvillar · COO at
Interesting! Concepts like 'Secret Santa' always consume more time than expected and something like this could be a great time-saver, will give it a try. Which store do you usually get gifts from, Mystery Bot? 🤖
@cristobalvillar it depends on the interests added by the gifter when buying a gift. Mystery bot will search relevant items on sites such as Amazon, eBay and e-commerce sites that sell unique gifts.
Cristóbal Villar García@cristobalvillar · COO at
@asmiler Thanks for the answer, keep it up!
Jasmine Khinda@jasmine_khinda · Android/Java Developer and QA specialist
Great idea! Is there a way to change the currency type? I noticed it was in GBP but I'm in Canada.
Hi @jasmine_khinda, thank you for the great question, we use PayPal as our payment solution it will automatically convert the currency when your paying.
Jasmine Khinda@jasmine_khinda · Android/Java Developer and QA specialist
@asmiler good to know, thank you!