Mystery Gift Bot

Don't think about what to buy, let it be a mystery

Hi I am Mystery Bot,

I was created to help humans buy the perfect 🎁 for every occasion πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

I will search the internet to find you the...

- Best gift for birthdays πŸŽ‚

- Best gift for secret πŸŽ…πŸΌ

- Perfect for β°βŒ›οΈ gifts

With a sprinkle of mystery πŸ‘» making every 🎁 unique!!

Dont spend time looking for the right gift let me help ❀️️

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Congrats for the launch Ali! Nice conversational website you have out together :)
@jiaqip Thanks Jiaqi, Mystery gift bot would not be possible without landbot :)
Interesting! Concepts like 'Secret Santa' always consume more time than expected and something like this could be a great time-saver, will give it a try. Which store do you usually get gifts from, Mystery Bot? πŸ€–
@cristobalvillar it depends on the interests added by the gifter when buying a gift. Mystery bot will search relevant items on sites such as Amazon, eBay and e-commerce sites that sell unique gifts.
@asmiler Thanks for the answer, keep it up!

Interesting, i think a lot of people would make use of it. However i think you can only use 3 amounts now and pay with paypal only. It would be nice if I can set the amount and pay with other paying methods like debit/credit card


Good tool. Interesting when you don't know what to buy to a certain person.


Paypal is only paying option, add more

Hey Bojan Am glad to hear you enjoyed the experience so far! We are currently working on implementing various payment types. Your feedback will help us find a great method that suits majority of peoples needs. Stay Tuned.
Great idea! Is there a way to change the currency type? I noticed it was in GBP but I'm in Canada.
Hi @jasmine_khinda, thank you for the great question, we use PayPal as our payment solution it will automatically convert the currency when your paying.
@asmiler good to know, thank you!