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I've been working on this Mystery Gaming Box for a while now, and have been testing the waters as one off bundles. So I'm super excited to bring the brand new subscription with both support for PAL and NTSC consoles! Just choose your region, and your console (hey if you're a real retro gaming, choose "Any, Go Crazy!") and you're just about ready to rock. We estimate each pack we send out is worth about £27, so get on it ASAP! Quick side note, all USA orders do ship from America, so no need to worry about import taxes :)
Awesome, everything that Peter and the Retro does is always great!
@david_diam thanks David! Appreciate it as always 🙌🏻
This looks awesome!
@jakecrump thanks Jake! Let me know if theres anything I can do to help if you're interested in getting some sweet games 🕹
Very cool. You should partner with Goog to do retro games online as well.
Well done Peter! I've been a big fan of what The Retro has been up to since I first saw it a year ago and happy to see it expanding into different offerings like a subscription service that really pushes the whole retro feel to new heights. For all retro gaming fans out there, this is something you don't want to miss.