Keep better track of all your savings

MySavings.Fund is a humble attempt at making something I needed (with the hope that there are lots more like me who need something like this too).

So I'm a 25 year old just starting out my adult life and saving money is very important. But the real question is, where do I manage all of this? Piece of paper? Excel?

No .... MySavings.Fund is where!

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Hey guys, really looking forward to your feedback! Hope you give this a try πŸ•Ί
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I think this is a really sweeeeet idea! Going to give this a try, hopefully it doesn't disappoint! πŸ‘Œ

I think people should give this a try. If it does help in the long term, I think this has a lot of potential.


- Simplicity

- Wonderful UI (Love the minimalist color combinations)

- Actually useful


- Reminds me of my pathetic state of savings

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"Reminds me of my pathetic state of savings" πŸ˜‚
The video presentation in the website stay playing even after closing the modal !
@yassine_elmokni I am so sorry. That would have been so irritating to face. It's been fixed now 🍻
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Nice! Can you also take a stab at the competitors ? Thriv, Digit, Acorns to name a few
@abhishek_pm Thanks for that! Will definitely have a look πŸ‘