Convert your Google Sheet into a website in minutes

MyQuickSite lets you convert your Google Sheet into a beautiful website. You can customize color, height & spacing, change font styles, all visually for the following area,
- Header
- Title and sub title
- Menu
- Search
- Content
- Individual rows and fields
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Wondering if is this the same product as Sheet2Site by @andreyazimov?
@rachelhow this is a similar product but with a slightly different approach. You can choose a template or bring your own CSS, payment is per website based.
Products are often similar these days @rachelhow :) Absolutely new things are seldom showing up
Hey! I'm happy to present you a new project @kambanthemaker and myself are working on: MyQuickSite ( It turns a Google Sheet into a neat website! Comes with a number of handy features - have a look at the site to get the full list!
@kambanthemaker @spekulatius1984 Really great product, congrats on the launch!
Really cool, look forward to trying this out! Left some thoughts on landing page here too in context, hope its useful -
@tom4 Thank you, I am working on them already.
Love this. Something I had been wanting to do myself.
@anand_sriniv nice! Just post here if you any feedback :)
Awesome product. I can't believe you can do this with sheets.
@realdesigntack yeah, pretty cool, isn't it? :)