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MyLifeElsewhere is a collaborative tool that allows you to compare your host country to others around the world. Our aim to develop a tool to assist others in gathering information regarding the the quality of life, cost of living, and more across the globe.

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Dan Chetrit
Aashish Loknath Panigrahi
Simon Wyckaert
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  • Aashish Loknath Panigrahi
    Aashish Loknath PanigrahiHobbyist mathematician + Coder + Cyclist

    - Data presented in a very well manner

    -Lots of data points & products to compare to

    -% based price diff. gives good estimate to travellers


    -An amazing procastination tool

    -More data points and factors can be added to improve the service exponentially

    Well , I liked this a product a lot . At , first to me it felt like !!!nomadlist (which also provides a lot of data points to compare to for nomads and backpackers) , but then I found that it's even more better as a travel tool because of estimate prices of products in respective countries like chips , potato , milk , egg , banana , onions , ... etc . So , even with +-10% shift , I could estimate pricing on food while travelling else where.

    Totally awesome.

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