MyHook - Tunnels to your localhost

Expose your local web services to the internet with a click.

MyHook helps developers share their local web services (API, Websites,etc) to the public. By a single click, MyHook creates a tunnel to your service, which means that your clients, team mates can use your service without much trouble and effort, or expenses.
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MyHook is developed for Chrome, Firefox and as a Desktop Application for Mac, Linux, and Windows. MyHook helps developers share their local web services (APIs, Websites, WebApps, etc) to the public. By a single click, MyHook creates a tunnel for your service, which basically means that your clients, teammates, and others can use your API, Website or Web App without much trouble and effort, or expenses. The idea came from a situation during development, where the tools that were available in the market didn't provide the solution we needed, in order to expose things in development to others who wanted to see more of what was going on. That's why I decided to build MyHook as a need and hopefully it will serve others as well, in the same way, it does for me/us. The Browser Extensions are published in the official stores of Chrome and Firefox, and can be used for most cases (API testing, WebSite hosting) but because of some technical restrictions (HTTP Headers), some cases of testing might face issues. All those technical restrictions are handled in the desktop versions. Some more details: MyHook will serve a subdomain for you at the moment you create your local hook which will be the public address of your local hook. The API, Web Site or Web Application will look the same as the one from the localhost. This will help you to avoid the deployments process, buying server during the period you're developing. This is very helpful in case the developers need to share one API together, or you want to present the current process of a website or web application to a client. The subdomain will stay alive until you're keeping MyHook open. In case you lose internet connection then the subdomain will be lost in case the system has occasionally generated the same subdomain for someone else (rarely happens) otherwise after you reconnect to the internet the subdomain will be assigned again to your session. This tool provides a Workspace which for now shows all the requests from the public hook and all the responses returned back from the local hook. In the future, there will be more helpful features. MyHook doesn't store any data from the requests & responses which are forwarded between different clients. For now, I am supporting the product by developing it by myself and maintaining the infrastructure behind it. In case the product is being used by many users then I have to increase the capacity of resources (human and technical) and for that reason, I've added a Donate button in the first window of the plugin/Desktop App in case you want to help otherwise the tool is completely FREE and no signup, login or payment is required. Video Tutorial: