MyCalendar for Pebble

Calendar events on your wrist

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AleksandraHunter@aleks_muse · Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls
Hey Product Hunters, Aleksandra here from Stanfy. Our idea was born at the moment when we were looking for a good calendar app for Pebble. As a Pebble Watch users we have not found the app that would be handy and сould solve our problem – syncing Google calendar with Pebble. So we thought, why not create one? As a result, the Stanfy team became excited about the idea of creating a calendar app that would synchronize with Google Calendar and show the upcoming events, so you never miss an important meeting! We came up with a very simple and cool application that shows three nearest events from your Google calendar. It is a great time management and productivity tool that will be always with you, right on your wrist. My Calendar also displays a digital clock, the current date, battery charge and bluetooth сonnection.