Create and send birthday infographics in less than a minute

This $0.99 app designs cute, ninja-themed birthday infographics so that you can stand out from the tsunami of birthday greetings on Facebook, or over email.
@kikischirr Awww love this design!!!! Did you make this?
Its got a nice feel to it. in a unrelated way. great work
This is definitely something unique. Would like to see it pull in the birthdays from Facebook, not just contacts.
@mrkampmann The ability to pull birthdays from Facebook was originally included in version 1.1 but I decided to remove it. Facebook requires that both you and your friends must use the app before the birthday list can be imported to the app. It somehow defeats the purpose of being the first person to use the app and send the birthday infographics. There are other workarounds to the problem but it requires violating the use of the SDK.
Hey Product Hunt(ers)! I'm very happy that my birthday ninja app was listed here. Big thanks to @kikischirr for hunting. Feel free to ask any questions about the app. I would love to get some feedback on how to make it better for the next update. (Hint: more ninjas and more templates are coming!) You can give it a try without having to buy the app by visiting the website That's where the app is pulling the data from. The web version will give you the birthday facts but no infographics.
Would be a cool web app, IMO
@zaccoffman Thanks for the suggestion. I experimented on that idea but the CPU and memory resources needed to create one infographic is too much. I can use AWS or other cloud providers but I'm not comfortable charging users for each infographic that they want to create. IMO, a monthly or yearly subscription is too much to ask for. I ended up creating the paid app with unlimited use. No ads, nothing to unlock with IAP and all current including future templates will be available to the user.