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So a good friend and fellow Brit has just released this AWESOME site. My Year. You can customise sections to create an awesome looking page to summarise all the awesome things you got up to in 2015! You can see mine here: Here is a portion of mine in image form :) I'll let @FredRivett and @mikeaag tell you more! (They just pulled an all-nighter to get this out so go easy on them πŸ˜›) Auto-customisation would be awesome but I'm asking too much of them for now... maybe 2016 😏
Thanks for hunting us Ben! So the story behind this is covered more fully over on our Medium post (, but the shorter story is that this tweet from Jeremy Cowart ( just before Christmas inspired an idea for a cool project, which then became a Christmas hackathon that took up every spare hour when we weren't seeing family & eating too much food. That brought us to last night with still a fair amount to do, so an all-nighter has finished off the bits needed for launch and we're really excited to get this out to you all! There's obvious features that can be added to make this better, but I'd love to hear your thoughts, we're a little tired right now but will try and pop some quick upgrades in as we go. Oh and here's #MyYear2015! At some point we'll probably crash out for a nap, but we'll be around as much as we can today, so feel free to drop some comments below with thoughts/feedback/questions πŸ‘
Hey @FredRivett & @mikeaag - nice project... and name! :) Here at PastBook we've recently launched a "My Year" app (web/iOS) to get your full Year in Review from Facebook and Instagram in a snap - with all your great moments of the year in a photo book: Hunted on PH early this month: Perhaps we can do something together? Let me know if I can help. Cheers
@stefanocutello Oh cool, nice one Stefano! I'm just about to head out for NYE but will check it out tomorrow! πŸ‘Œ
@stefanocutello Hey Stefano. I've taken a look at your work there, you guys did a great job. For us we're not sure what direction we'll take MyYear for 2016, but if I think of a way we can collaborate I'll let you know. Cheers! 😊
Congrats @FredRivett and @mikeaag! Taking just 5 minutes to sit down and think back about what you've achieved in the past year actually makes you realise how much you've actually achieved ... well, I certainly did! I love the simplicity and customisation of the sections! Would be cool to have more selection of photos to choose from, but that's a minor request πŸ™Š Here's mine:
@gadgick It's been a crazy year for sure, looking at yours it looks like it's been a busy one too! Totally agree on more photos, we wanted custom photo upload but that brings complications that we didn't have time for in the end. Overall we're happy with what we've done, but know there are lots of obvious ways to make it better. Look forward to building on top of this for #MyYear2016. All the best for the new year Nick πŸ‘
@FredRivett & @mikeaag, great work guys! Love the site and the domain is really good. I know you guys didn’t have much time and for the time you did have you did an amazing job! In the future my only wish would be to use my actual photos. Much easier building a timeline in my opinion. FYI, doesn’t work (404), just thought you should know! Again, great work fellas!
@hudsonperalta Hey thanks Hudson 😊 Yeah custom image upload is a feature we really wanted, but in the end only our MVP scope was feasible this time round. Look forward to doing something much better for 2016 πŸ‘ Have a great new year dude.