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Your Instagram year printed on a poster

#5 Product of the DayNovember 11, 2014
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It's no marshmallow Instagram but this is pretty neat. On a related note, I have a bunch of magnets of IG photos on my fridge, courtesy of Sticky9.
@rrhoover You should totally do an Insta-products collection.
I dig this, especially because the year is ending and these make for nice gifts. Which makes me wish there was a way for me to "connect it" to someone else's Instagram, so I can surprise them with a gift. Is this possible?
@narekk Exactly my thinking! Maybe also have the ability to "sign" the back and include a 140 character message?
@santoshsankar @narekk I'll be adding support to print someone else's Instagram tonight. The message thing is a really cool idea as well!
@narekk I just added support for this. Thanks for the feedback! :)
@alexleclair this feature could be GREAT for an Instagram stars that want to make some affiliate money!! There are a few Instagram models that I'd love to have on my wall.... x)
@drewleahy Hah! That's not a bad idea! Will see if anyone reaches out and look into it :)
Thanks for the coverage guys! I'm the guy behind this product and really enjoy all the love coming from this community. I've received a lot of feedback, most of which ask for the ability to print someone else's Instagram. I'll enable that feature tonight or tomorrow. Thanks so much!
@alexleclair Great work! I've purchased printed posters from before, can you explain how you differentiate from them? Trying to figure out who I should use for my 2014 poster :)
@ianmikutel Thanks! It's a pretty similar offering. Basically, we do not limit the amount of pictures on a poster, so you're in control. We let you print other's images, which makes it great for gifts as well. :)
Sweet! I wonder what if I wanna make a present to my wife? PS. OMG. What's wrong with my avatar picture?
Kudos! I really like this. This is like an "adult yearbook"! I plan on getting one for this year, maybe this will be something I'll get every year to commemorate my life in photos. Have you thought about setting up an affiliate model for Instagram stars to get people to buy their photos? Just a thought...YouTuber / Vine stars might be really into it as well.