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identity verification: create & control your information

cool way to manage your identity online / background checks
@ak310i oh cool, thanks for sharing Aneela (I think I remember hearing you on TWIST?) I been thinking a lot about digital reputation recently - the user curation of the profiles give me some pause about how much I can trust what's there, though I'm not sure how else to do it. I think the big winner in this space is whoever can aggregate review across platforms (airbnb, uber, task rabbit) and then open it up to everyone. Can't wait to see more things like this going forward.
@lee94josh hi! yes somehow made it on TWIST well before I deserved to! I agree it is weird to curate your own verification profile, but I do feel a person should have a say & not let credit & other credible background checks rule the verification process! love the idea of aggregating -- possibly also with FB connect since that use ubiquitous to many account sign up processes!
@ak310i yup, we need FB Connect for your Digital Reputation. One click and you transfer everything with you.
Co-founder of REPP here - just wanted to let you know that we just added free email alias addresses for everyone in their profile. Now you can communicate with a stranger (and ask for their background check) without using your personal email. Here's a quick walkthrough I did -
Let us know if you have any thoughts/questions/ideas.