My Orator [unofficial PH launch]

Create an audio file of the webpage you're on to enjoy later

[note from Ambrose] Originally hunted last month, this is the original one. The Chrome extension launch will be coming soon.


We've all been there - you click onto a great article but you don't have time to finish reading it. Use this extension to convert the web page into an audio file you can listen to later.

Hi @efficienthacks I saw you tweet about this product and thought - wow that's genius! How does it work exactly? Thanks
@abadesi I think it's awesome that you found this organically through my tweet (I have 55 followers so I have no idea how it popped up on your twitter feed. haha.). Thanks for posting it here though I do wish there was some warning in the system to say that a product of the same name has already been posted - maybe a feature request for Product Hunt. It works by generating a personal podcast feed URL that you can add to any podcast app that allows for custom URLs (like the default iPhone podcast app or Overcast). When you add articles to your list, the feed is updated, so you just refresh on your podcast app. More info can be found on the original PH launch: I'll share more details when I officially launch the extension on PH in the near future (where I'll have a free 3 hour credit for PH users). Thanks.
Or you could bookmark to the Pocket app and use Pocket’s TTS. Works very well across platforms and offline (e.g. listen to the text on a flight)