My Marketplace Builder

Build your marketplace with the click of a button.

My Marketplace Builder is a service that provides a fully functional website no matter if your concept involves products, services, rentals, individuals (C), companies (B) or a mixture of them. Scale quickly and efficiently, have full control of how your site will work and how users interact with each other.

  • Carol Brennan
    Carol BrennanEntreprenuer

    Customer Support, Ability to Scale, Customizability


    None I can think of

    I have loved using My MarketPlace Builder as a marketplace software. I have used other software in the past and found it to be boring templates that did not allow me to customize it how I wanted. My MarketPlace Builder has let me do that.. I am able to send in tickets to the support staff and they are answered in a timely manner. They are knowledgeable and provide step by step instructions when I am stuck on something.

    Carol Brennan has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Amazing team commited to working with the client


    There are a few features that I wish were ready (they say they are in development)

    I created a few sites using their site creator tool and they work great and have an amazing number of features. This is state of the art DIY marketplace. It's a little complex at first, but they have really improved their tools through the years.

    Bobby Knight has used this product for one year.
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Philip Lakin
Philip Lakin@philip_gregory · National Agent Ops Specialist @ Compass
Really interesting! Do you have some examples of sites built using this?
Michael Van Buren
Michael Van Buren@michael_van_buren
Do not use this platform. I spent a year trying to get my website working without a single successful transaction. Basic features of a marketplace (like paying sellers) are viewed by this company as "extra features". The platform is full of bugs preventing basic functions (signing up, changing an email, or setting up a payment method) from occurring. Avoid this platform like the plague.
Julieta D'Angelo
Julieta D'Angelo@julieta_d_angelo
I had a great experience with Marketplace Builder! the team has been really kind and responsive to answer all my questions. A great option for all who needs a robust marketplace.