My Life in Advertising

Advice on how to sell from advertising genius Claude Hopkins

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Spencer Lanoue
Spencer LanoueHunter@slanoue · Product Marketer @ Buffer
Claude Hopkins (1866 - 1932) was one of the great advertising pioneers—credited with popularizing the act of brushing your teeth :-) His approach was advertising was really progressive and forward thinking for his time. For example, he believed advertising only existed to sell something. And even back in the early 20th century, he believed it should be measurable and justify the results it produced. To track the results of his ads, he used key coded coupons and then tested headlines, offers, and promotions against each other. He used the analysis of these measurements to continually improve his ad results, driving responses and the cost effectiveness of his clients ad spend. Each chapter offers practical advice and most of it is still relevant today. It’s also really interesting to understand how his mind worked and how he approached advertising with such a rigorous process of experimentation and iteration.
Yuvrajsinh Vaghela
Yuvrajsinh Vaghela@yuvrajv5 · Digital Marketing Analyst
Yes, I read 'My life in Adverting' last month. In fact, I noted 43 "Evergreen" lessons from it. If you can't find time to read this book, take a look at the important points. Here you go:
Jeffrey Manu
Jeffrey Manu@growing_startup · Founder,
Anyone who sees the value in this book is capable of writing ads that turn into profits