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Their marketing material is misleading, thus your tagline is misleading. The word "crowdsource" is not used correctly. According to Brabham (MIT Press 2013), crowdsourcing is "an online, distributed problem-solving and production model that leverages the collective intelligence of online communities to serve specific organizational goals." In MyJobDiscovery's case, it wouldn't make sense for them to be sticking solely to data from their users, otherwise their models would spit out all the wrong metrics. The accuracy of their models would be limited by how many people actually used the platform (network effect). They have to be using multiple sources of data, which is why I believe they are using "crowdsource" incorrectly. Things like this get to me ╰| ⁰ ෴ ⁰ |╯
@mikebronfman Hi Mike, We are only using data that has been contributed by our users for our models. I agree, we are limited by the network effect, but we still believe we can provide job seekers with useful data that will help them find new companies linked to their current career path. We will never have every single employee's work history in our models, but the tool will continue to become more useful as our database grows.
Was excited at first, but then very hesitant - I don't want to link to my LinkedIn just to search and see what results might be like. And that huge social bar...
@atroyn Hi Anton, Thanks for the feedback, that is understandable. Currently we have a system where you must contribute to the data if you want to use the charts for yourself. However, we are exploring a few limited view options for users who don't want to login with LinkedIn.
@sk24iam that seems a little backward to me, I know you're trying to avoid the 80/20 content/consumption problem, but you're going to be turning away a lot of potential users this way. Sure only 20% of people might contribute, but 20% of a bigger audience is better than 100% of a much smaller one.
Hi all, we created MyJobDiscovery to help job seekers find new directions for their career paths that they were unaware they qualified for. That includes discovering companies and job titles. For example, if you work at company XYZ, we'll show you the top companies in our database that employees have worked for later in their career after leaving company XYZ. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Of course, if you like the idea feel free to share it - as our database grows, our charts will continue to improve.