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Hey Everyone! This is one of our most important product launches yet. So let me tell you a bit about it :) Especially as a freelancer, the lines between running your business and doing the work often blur and it can be hard to focus. That's why we created My Desk. My Desk magically creates the tasks that need your attention and helps you focus only on the stuff you need to do right now. The run down: - My Desk creates tasks automatically based on your projects and contract terms. Project ended? My desk will drop the invoice on your desk for approval. - Create your own tasks and tag them to clients, projects or anything else - Manage your tasks in lists based on any tag in the app - Defer tasks to later dates to keep your desk and mind clean and focused Being able to defer a task is especially helpful as it helps you stay zoned in on what's relevant. Snooze a task you want to go away and come back or set a task to appear on your desk at the time you want. Go try it out! Happy to answer any questions! Woot Woot Leif
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Awesome to have worked on this with the team! Have ended up running my own tasks out of this - the simple UI and ability to 'defer' tasks has been super helpful
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Great idea, fair play guys
I love seeing all these freelance centric applications! Can tasks be linked to emails? Also, are tasks simple 'todo' lists or can it provide status like "in progress" and "delivered"?
@dsdesroc Hey Dave! Tasks are always associated to 'tags' and in turn you can make any tag a 'list'. You could create a progress by using the tags, which would move the task from one list into another. We don't have an email integration yet, but pretty cool idea!
That's a super important thing to call Jennifer Stanton about, I'm relieved it won't fall by the wayside 🍕 (Edit: sorry, didn't mean to post this as a subcomment)
<3 dis!