My Cinema Lightbox

LED sign with customizable letters and numbers

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Bala S.
@leanux_bala · www.angelhunt.in
In a past life I used to design signs & outdoor graphics. Love it man... Nostalgic..
Harry Gardiner
@koozai_harry · Senior Account Executive
This is awesome! Would love it if it came in bigger sizes as well.
Filippo Mursia
@mrdobelina · Digital PM @ Gabriela Hearst
Ariel Michaeli
@arielmichaeli · Co-Founder, appFigures
Looks pretty neat. What made you get into the signage game and do you have any plans to grow this into a line of products?
Ernie Smith
@shortformernie · Editor, Tedium; journalist
This is a stellar little thing that could probably find a home at lot of parties or even at some offices. Gives the aura of another time while feeling modern day. Cheers!