My Brand New Logo 1.0

Automatic logo generator: a professional design for everyone


My Brand New Logo is an online logo maker that automatically generates professional logo designs. It uses advanced algorithms based on years of graphic design knowledge to make sure your logos always look good.

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Florin Muresan
Diara B
Anna Filou
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  • Florin Muresan
    Florin MuresanSquirrly, Starbox and ContentLook

    Super easy to use. Gave me plenty of ideas.


    none (tool is cool)

    It's more than I could ask for. I'm sometimes working on a side project and I didn't want to spend time creating a logo. This tool gave me plenty of ideas to start from. Not sure if I would buy anything, because I'm skilled with Photoshop and I worked as a web designer many years ago, but I could see why someone who doesn't know design would pay $50 to get all the good stuff for ALL their profiles. Actually been thinking to do that myself just out of laziness. If they would've also created the profiles for me, I would have paid :))

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  • Pros: 

    Website and Question Flow is Decent


    -Results are not unique. -Overpriced.

    This honestly seems like yet another attempt to push out a paid product that does not provide value. Website and design flow are decent but this isn't a product, its a side tool just like the Shopify and Squarespace generators. Results are not unique. Looks like its generated with Google Fonts and Font Awesome. It's overpriced, I would personally never pay that much for theresult generated.

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  • Cuban Nerd
    Cuban NerdCreative Director

    This is a good and quick solution for new and very small business.


    The results are very, very bare bones, very inaccurate results. There are many similar solutions already out.

    Maybe try to get the customer to select different parameters like their audience and service info and categorize the graphic assets based on those parameters rather than just words. I think that would make the content curation process more accurate.

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  • Anna Filou
    Anna FilouTech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator

    nice UI


    bad logos, hard to customize

    The logos are too generic, the same design as you'd get from any 100% free logo maker but this one charges you 50$ per logo.

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  • IfElse
    IfElseInnovation advisor

    Great designs, easy flow


    Customizations can be a bit overwhelming

    Smooth UX

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