MY APP by Steve

Viral app takes world by the storm

Today marks a fundamental shift in history. We just released a new app with a guy named Steve, and we think it’s going to change everything.
Stop what you’re doing and download it, you won’t regret it.
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3 Reviews3.3/5
I downloaded this app and I cannot wait to download it on all of my devices, even the ones that are completely dead. Because this app will bring life!
Which level was your favorite?
Level 1 (⚪️🗑️)
Level 2 (📬️☠️)
Level 3 (📞️📲️)
Level 4 (😁️😁️)
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I would have played 100 levels of this game. Nice job - got a good laugh out of it.
This app is genius. Funniest app launch I have seen in a long time. Made me think of the ads of GRIP6.
@appernetic you don't get it do you.
@appernetic Could whip up a todo list or spreadsheet app if that would get you hyped. Maybe some accounting software?