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My Analytics by shows your Google Analytics data when you're on the go, in a meeting, or need an quick update. With My Analytics, you'll be able to compare today's data with yesterday, the same day last week, and the same day two weeks ago. You can also compare yesterday's data with previous weeks or this week's data to previous weeks. My Analytics gives you the data that you need right away.You'll get quick access to your: -Visits -Unique Visitors -Page views -Goals -Ecommerce Transactions -Ecommerce Revenue
@kwdinc If you know of anyone who needs some quick advice on how to make decisions on the analytics data I can suggest 2 people. I know both, they are excellent: Manuel da Costa: Awesome but looks like he has limited availability right now. He is organizing the LS conference in Manchester. Paul Kortman: Also a really good guy, seems to have more availability.
Here's the direct link to the iPhone app:
@hnshah Nice work, Hiten. You guys just keep impressing with your products -- KISSMetrics, Crazy Eggs, now this.
Daily summary emails, WHAT
@bramk Didn't know GIFs were allowed here :) But yeah, this is great I wonder if it will ping you if you hit certain goals.
@narekk @bramk didn't know GIFS were allowed here?!?!?!?! is mickey mouse allowed in disney world? :P
@eriktorenberg Reddit for products, amirite?
I've been using My Analytics for over a year as a quick way to monitor the day's current high-level metrics. Great work, @hnshah and @Evanish.
Came for a free App, left with "Daily email summaries". Such a disappointment.