Screen protectors that don't leave a dent in your wallet

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A screen protector so light and thin, that you won't even notice is on, once it's on. Best of all, it won't leave a dent in your wallet. Durable, practical, and affordable.




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Idris KhenchilMaker@idriskhenchil · Creator of
Hey, glad to be featured on Product Hunt! As a thank you, use code "15OFF" to save on your purchase of any screen protector :)
Nilay Khandelwal@nilayk · Software Engineer, AdSupply Inc
@idriskhenchil Hi, does this protector cover the front camera lens, or is there a cutout for the camera?
Idris KhenchilMaker@idriskhenchil · Creator of
@nilayk Hey, the screen protector covers the camera, however it is still fully functional. There are "cut outs" for the camera and sensors, but the screen protector is transparent in those areas. This results in the phone having all its normal functions, while offering added protection. Hope that all makes sense!
Nilay Khandelwal@nilayk · Software Engineer, AdSupply Inc
@idriskhenchil Yup makes sense. Just as a general feedback, the issue I've had with screen protectors which cover the front camera (even transparent ones) is that when the ambient light is bright, like sunlight, it washes out the images completely leading to a huge drop in image quality! Hence I prefer screen protectors which have a physical cutout for front camera.
Idris KhenchilMaker@idriskhenchil · Creator of
@nilayk Gotcha. Personally I've used the screen protector all summer long and haven't noticed the image quality being ruined from the sun. Constantly using my front camera hasn't lead me to notice the image being washed out. I have noticed slight glare however in certain occasions when an interior light fixture hits the camera at the right angle. I suppose it all comes down to how closely you look at detail! I truly appreciate the feedback however :)
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Do you have plans to ship it to India ,this looks like a promising product for the Indian markets
Idris KhenchilMaker@idriskhenchil · Creator of
@ayush_chandra Glad to hear that, at the moment we already offer worldwide shipping!