social music feed for finding & sharing with other listeners

muzfeed is a central place for listeners to easily find and share content together. It’s like Instagram for music — instead of posting photos, you post music. Specifically, music from YouTube. (support for other streaming platforms coming soon)

pronounced “muse—feed”. music + feed = muzfeed.

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Hey PH, We’re a three-person team of sidehustlers building a better place for people to get together and share music with each other. If you want the full story, read our Medium post (linked above). Long story short, we’re trying to take the offline experience of sharing music with friends between a pair of speakers and bring it online for anybody who’s into that sort of thing. Access to music isn’t a problem anymore; finding new stuff you’ll like and other people who care about it too, is. Our site is super basic right now (PH still lets you upvote it anyway 😉). You can post tracks, play tracks, see how many times a track has been listened to, and view other user’s profiles. We have plenty of new features coming down the pipe, but right now we’re looking for feedback on what you think will make finding and sharing music better. What’s the biggest gap in the market today? How can we fill it? Look forward to hearing from ya. 👍