Mux is an API to affordable world-class video delivery. We use a Ton of Analytics Data™ to make the best possible decisions around what formats and resolutions to deliver to your customers via the best delivery networks.

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We've been building on top of Mux's new /video API for a couple of weeks. Using the API is accelerating our development by a lot. It's the classic "they built exactly what developers need" value proposition. The API is simple, and we know that the team has incredibly deep experience with transcoding pipelines and streaming optimization, so we don't have to worry about any of that. Instead, we can just focus on what's unique about our application.


Cleanest API we've found for uploading, transcoding, and streaming video



This looks really fantastic, congratulations to the whole team. This will be a welcome replacement to my overly complicated S3+Zencoder+Cloudfront flow. I currently use YouTube Live to manage live streaming - what can Mux Video offer in terms of live video?
@tedcarstensen Oh man, YouTube Live! We definitely feel your pain. I'm looking forward to live streaming via Mux Video in the future, too.
@tedcarstensen Live video is on the way! It's still in the oven right now (private beta), but we should have something in your hands in the very near future.
Looks great guys! Congrats and hope to try it out for a project soon!
@mattnish Thank you! Ping me if I can help with anything :)
I've been looking forward to this for months as a replacement for S3 and Zencoder. Initial impressions are good: fast, clean, and reliable. Excited to experiment over the next few days!