Mute Intercom is a free Chrome extension that blocks annoying notification sounds from Intercom widgets.

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CEO of Intercom here. 😅 Thank you so much for the love. And sorry that you had to go make this. I 100% agree with you. We’ve a couple solutions in the pipeline. Like all things in software, and especially when you’re changing things that millions of people interact with daily, the situation is more complex than it might seem. But we’re on it. Thanks again for making this and making me laugh this morning. ❤️
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@eoghanmccabe Glad to hear you're handling it! Looking forward to the improvements. Cheers to the Intercom team 😺️
@eoghanmccabe I actually find the notification sound really cute. That’s what makes intercom stands out.
Well hello there again PH 👋 Nowadays on the web you stumble upon lots of sites and SaaS startups that use Intercom for reaching out to their visitors. There’s one annoying thing about it, though — the notification sound. If you’ve ever felt like saying "stop making that f***ing noise" while browsing around, we have a cure. Install Mute Intercom — a free Chrome extension that blocks annoying notification sounds from Intercom so you can enjoy the silence. P.S. We 💖️ Intercom and this is in no way meant to be a jab at them! Just solving a small personal nuisance and sharing the solution with the world. The code is open source in case you want to make any contributions or spin off your own version.
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@pugson Thank you for the nice words even though you are frustrated. We really appreciate it.
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Haha, I encounter this problem occasionally where Intercom keeps buzzing me in one of my 100 open tabs (I realize this is a separate problem. Don't judge me! 😛).
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@rrhoover Sounds like a secret feature request 👀
@rrhoover @pugson which has been fulfilled by @pravidinesh6 who made this 🔥
Sounds great! (no pun intended) 😆 Do you plan to do the same for other softwares?
@thiagoafram Possibly! Which browser do you use?

It's very clever, great landing - it simply works


Great landing and I can see why people need it


Sad for someone on the other end of Intercom