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A CSS framework that actually looks good.

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If the world is your oyster, then the web is your hotdog! Mustard UI was created first as a joke within a small web development team. It then grew to become not only a teaching tool but the starter code for many web projects. The aim is to create a CSS framework that actually looks good. It's still an early concept, but we'd love your thoughts.


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Mick@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
I’ll give this a bash. But “looks good” is massively subjective. It also implies that other css frameworks don’t “look good”, which is kind of s crazy generalisation.
Kyle LogueMaker@hellokyle · Web Developer
@mickc79 Thanks for your honesty. Design is definitely subjective, but I'm trying to keep it light hearted and fun. Maybe "looks good to us"? :)
Dan Dan@tostartafire · Web Dev.
Honestly, it looks the same as other frameworks.... same buttons, same forms, same way of wrapping divs and writing classes... different names but same grid. I see no advantage, as a developer, of using this in place of PUT YOUR FAVORITE GRID HERE.
Kyle LogueMaker@hellokyle · Web Developer
@tostartafire That's cool. It's not for everybody. Thanks for checking it out though!
Kyle LogueMaker@hellokyle · Web Developer
Hi there, I just wanted to say that the support I've received so far from the community has been amazing. This has been the first open source project that I've attempted and the warm reception to the idea of "yet another CSS framework" has been great. The big goal of this project is for it to grow into an even better looking CSS framework that can be dropped into any starter project or idea. If nothing else, I would love to get more hands involved to not only help it grow, but to further use it as a teaching tool and to help other developers find ways to contribute to new open source projects online. Thanks for taking the time to check it out and I'd love to answer any of your questions. ~ Kyle
James Welch@jwelch · CEO @
I love me a good CSS framework. Looks very nice and simple to use. Good work.
Kyle LogueMaker@hellokyle · Web Developer
@jwelch Thanks for the kind words.
Evgeny Pavlov@evgeny_pavlov · Product Manager,
really love an idea. Is it built on Bootstrap?
Kyle LogueMaker@hellokyle · Web Developer
@evgeny_pavlov Actually this was built from scratch (which is why it's so tiny at 5kb), but it definitely has been influenced by other popular frameworks.