Anonymously discover music of independent band

Indie bands share the best 20 seconds of their music, users are able to rate songs, discover new music and engage with emerging artists.

Bands get honest, unadulterated feedback.

Direct Access to Live Listeners [forget paying an "Influencer"], people dictate who they like.

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The app keeps changing and we are trying to make it better and bring better playlists
@pgardunoc Do the curators get compensated in some way?
@henkholveck They are not being compensated yet, it's in the plan, once users pay to expedite a playlist the money will be shared with them.
@henkholveck the curators are being featured in social media so users learn more about them
@pgardunoc So I requested a playlist, took about 16 hours to get a 10 track playlist with my request which is pretty good considering they are volunteering their time. Just a suggestion, have you considered adding a feature so that users can rate the curator, it makes it difficult to choose when you don't know anything about the curators. I imagine user feedback like a star system would be beneficial for all parties.
@henkholveck The review feature is already there just for Apple Music playlists though, not sure, you probably got an Spotify playlist. The review feature will be added soon to the Spotify playlists as well.